ccmMercury and RDIMS

What is RDIMS?

RDIMS Components

RDIMS (Records Documents and Information Management System) is a Canadian Federal Government initiative that pre-defines a solution for certain information management problems shared by many departments. The RDIMS solution consists of a set of commercial off-the-shelf software products that are tightly integrated with each other to provide

  • records management
  • document management
  • imaging & OCR
  • full-text indexing search & retrieval
  • on-line document viewing
  • workflow & routing
  • reporting

These capabilities allow RDIMS to manage the full life cycle of any type of electronic document, including electronic mail, correspondence, reports, manuals, images, graphics and spreadsheets.

How does ccmMercury enhance RDIMS?

ccmMercury integrates with Open Text's document management product (DM5) to enhance RDIMS in two ways:

  1. Any RDIMS document can be attached to a ccmMercury record and routed and tracked using any of the types of workflow that ccmMercury offers.
  2. Any ccmMercury document, including templates, reports, scanned document images and emails, can be automatically profiled and stored within RDIMS.

The integration provides a single point of data entry by automatically replicating information about documents between the two applications – the ccmMercury screen is automatically filled with a document's information from its RDIMS profile and the RDIMS profile screen can be automatically populated with information from a ccmMercury record.

What are the Benefits of using ccmMercury with RDIMS?

The single point of data entry provided by the ccmMercury links to RDIMS:

  • Saves time by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple systems
  • Ensures that data integrity and consistency is maintained
  • Increases user productivity by not having to switch back and forth between applications
  • Increases RDIMS usage by eliminating extra steps

One ccmMercury customer, who won an award for their RDIMS implementation, said it best:

These efforts have been further enhanced by integrating ccmMercury, the Department's correspondence tracking/workflow application, with RDIMS. Together, the two applications provide effective workflow functionality within the existing tracking process and have enabled the development of even more new business processes. As a result, RDIMS usage has more than doubled over the past year.

Can we use RDIMS with ccmEnterprise?

ccmEnterprise can use the CCM repository as well as third-party repositories such as eDOCS (RDIMS), Livelink and Sharepoint, for example.

The current release of ccmEnterprise allows organizations to save documents into the third-party repository while attaching the document to the ccmEnterprise record.

An eDocs client integration component is required on each user's desktop in order to link documents already stored in RDIMS.