Correspondence Management

Public Safety Canada

Uses ccmMercury eforms to allow members of the public to contact them via their website. When the form is submitted, it becomes a ccmMercury record and is routed via predefined process to the appropriate group based on the type of question asked. This solution uses a ccmEForm Server proxy that resides in the client’s DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) that creates an xml file for each incoming eform submission request. The actual ccmEForm Server can then be deployed behind the DMZ in a secured zone.

Canadian Heritage

Has an Enquiries Database that is used to handle requests from people who call their toll-free number. With this database they are able to analyse the calls, know when to restock, and report on all enquiries made to the department.

Indian Residential School Resolution

Has a database to manage their case files. They run detailed as well as statistical reports to assist them in managing their caseload. Information from this database is used to build their reports to the public.

The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Has a database to manage these complaints. It allows them to spot trends and to report on issues brought forward by members of the public.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development

Has a database to manage media calls, ensuring that the department retains on file all information relating to their dealings with the media.