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About Work Dynamics

WorkDynamics Technologies designs, develops and supports information tracking and workflow software for industry and government. ccmEnterprise is designed to provide Case and Correspondence management solutions, incorporating more than 25 years of expertise in that discipline.

Where We Started
WorkDynamics is a private Canadian company founded in August 1998 after the acquisition of the ccmPlus solution, from another Canadian firm that had been providing correspondence solutions and services since 1982. Today’s products have evolved beyond recognition of those early solutions, but have been based upon the same primary requirements. WorkDynamic’s goal is to provide a STABLE, FOCUSED, and RELIABLE way to enable our clients Case and Correspondence solutions that provide greater efficiencies within any organization, while providing improved customer service at all levels of industry and government.
Stable. Focused. Reliable.
Working With Us.

Our Process

WorkDynamics Technologies (WDT) has developed a deployment methodology specially designed for the implementation of their ccmEnterprise Suite solution. This methodology assembles the proven best practices developed through years of experience delivering the design and integration of data management infrastructure, applications and systems, thereby simplifying Case and Correspondence Management for improved client interaction.
Our Experience Tells Us To Expect:

Improved Productivity and Accountability


Improved Customer Responsiveness and Client Satisfaction


Reduction in Implementation and Training Costs


Platform independence (Plug and Play of ERP’s)


A ROI of 18 months or less on average.

Client Feedback.

From our respected Clients.

Our clients typically report a significant increase in productivity within the 1st few months of implementation and are able to demonstrate a Return on Investment (ROI) of between 12 – 18 months. Based upon our experience in delivering Correspondence and Case Management solutions, and with demonstrative improvements in customer response and process efficiencies within a relatively short window, our clients often engage our services for multiple deployments.


Increased Productivity


Multiple Deployments

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