4 Ways Document & Correspondence Management Technology Can Maximize Lean Governments

4 Ways Document & Correspondence Management Technology Can Maximize Lean Governments.

Every day, local and state/provincial governments are challenged with finding ways to balance budgets while also simultaneously stimulating innovation—essentially “doing more with less” as citizens’ expectations for service delivery continue to increase.

Consequently, the public sector is seeing the emergence of “lean government”—an improvement philosophy that seeks to eliminate non-value-added activity and reduce operational complexities by streamlining processes across departments.


The good news? Thanks to a surge in document and correspondence management technology, governments are achieving the very essence of lean, and reaping the many benefits of dramatically improved workflows.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The 8 primary inefficiencies in government that create “waste”
  • How document management technology effectively eliminates those inefficiencies to drive lean government 
  • The 4 ways that this type of intelligent platform can enhance governments’ delivery of services—and improve interactions with citizens and stakeholders 
  • The lean-enabling features governments should look for in a document or correspondence management solution
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