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We make your correspondence management seamless, efficient and easy regardless of process, location or device.

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Document Management Platform

We make your document management seamless, efficient and easy regardless of process, location or device.

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Solutions for Every Environment

Optimize your business operations and improve efficiency with our comprehensive suite of workflow solutions. Manage all your correspondence in one system with Correspondence Management and stay on top of all your case files with our Case Management tool, which lets you manage any type of case from a single, easy-to-use interface. And with our Compliance, Reporting & Enforcement features, you can keep your data secure with secure ingest, storage, and management. 
Workflow Automation & Tracking

A fully configurable, no-code business process & workflow solution.

Correspondence Management

Intelligently manage all correspondence within a single system.

Case Management

Insightfully manage any type of case file—all from a single pane of glass.

Compliance, Reporting & Enforcement

Data controls including ingest, secured storage, and management.

Connect Everything

Seamless Integration

Integrate with any business system, including CRMs, ERPs, document storage solution, and more, to get the most out of your infrastructure investments.

IBM FileNet.
OpenText Content Server.
SQL Server.
Google Workspace.
Microsoft 365.
opentext Cloud.
BI & Analytics
Superior Business Process

BI & Analytics

Maintain continual visibility of document status including transparency, user accountability, scheduling, management and more through a single pane of glass.  

Workforce Efficiency

Un-siloed Workflows

Create and maintain organizational-standard workflows to streamline management, collaboration, tracking, and more. 

Workforce Efficiency

Continual Insight

Utilize out-of-the-box notification functionality, or create custom functionality based on your unique requirements, to ensure that insight pertaining to workflows, deadlines, and more is continually maintained. 

Superior Business Process

Controlled Access

Easily assign rights and access to any level of user.

Workforce Efficiency

Project Management

Know who is working on what doc and when—including status, timelines, due dates, historical views, and more.

Processing Accuracy
Workforce Efficiency

Processing Accuracy

With built-in feature functions created to track and manage every step of a document’s journey, users can manage the entirety of the workflow from document acceptance, through customer response, and beyond.

Superior Business Process

Flawless Search

Instantly search for any document within your architecture and any department with accuracy and ease. 

Superior Business Process

Message Consistency

Track and manage historical messaging and documents to ensure continual consistency.

The Answers you need

Frequently Asked Questions

WorkDynamics is a fully configurable, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Document Management Platform. Our platform can be completely configured to manage any type of workflow tracking or business process you need. It can capture, track and manage your information in any form—including correspondence, hard-copy documents, electronic documents, memorandum, email, notifications, faxes, records of phone calls in electronic form, public and private notes, and more—and provide your leaders with up-to-the-minute reports on workloads, scheduling, impending deadlines and routings.

Yes. WorkDynamics is compliant with WCAG, AODA and Section 508 (29 U.S.C. § 794d) of the Rehabilitation Act. 

Yes. We provide training, support and professional services related to the WorkDynamics platform.

WorkDynamics is a fully web-based solution that can be installed on-prem or within a cloud environment.

Yes.  WorkDynamics provides out-of-the-box integration with the following solutions:
  • Document management systems (Open Text Content Server, Open Text eDocs, Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Microsoft 365
  • SAP Crystal Reports

WorkDynamics is a proven solution, with millions of documents and data elements being processed by multiple organizations across North America every year. Low-code, flexible configuration features enable your organization to implement a multitude of business processing applications within a single instance of WorkDynamics. Meanwhile, all system access rights, rules, notifications and configuration elements are fully controlled by your organization, enabling real-time updates and solution deployments.

Yes.  WorkDynamics supports multiple business processing applications within a single instance, including Correspondence Management, Case Management, Workflow Tracking Solutions and more.

Yes.  The level of access for individual users or for groups of users can be granted at the Database, Record or even Field level.  Different users can have different rights to each database.  A user can even have different rights on individual records depending on the content of each record.

Yes.  All software updates can be conducted by your trained system administrator. There is no dependency on WorkDynamics to make any update to the system.

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