A new brand and so much more

A new brand and
so much more!

For our global customers, we are in fact old news—a company that, for more than 25 years in business, has dedicated ourselves to the world’s largest organizations to deliver the unequivocal leading document management platform.

That said, our steadfast dedication and attention—to our industry, our customers, and the constant evolution of our technology and our craft—has led us to place less focus on ourselves. It is for this reason that we recently made the important decision to evolve our brand.

Now, it is with great excitement and pride that we announce our new logo, our new look and website—a modernized aesthetic that reflects as much about our customers as it does about us.

But that’s not where this ends. Though new brands are often about visual attributes, they tend to remain as a design element only. We wanted more. Our brand had to be far more than colors and a logo—it also had to represent the totality of our business and our continuous engagement with customers.

As such, we also invested in new communications platforms, new ways to communicate, and an entirely new division within our company—dedicated to educating the world on the finer details and best practices of document management workflows and processes.

In the weeks and months to come, we will be publishing articles, hosting monthly webinars and podcasts, sharing insightful case studies and so much more—all featuring our incredible customers and the best practices and lessons that can be learned from those that succeed every day through our platform.

Our legacy is rooted in our ongoing dedication to those we serve—and we look forward to partnering with even more customers in the future.

Welcome to the new WorkDynamics—bringing you Smarter Workflow for Intelligent Business.


Grant Bifolchi
President & CEO

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