Can WorkDynamics really Leverage your Microsoft 365 Bundle?

Part 1 of 2: Addressing common historical challenges

By Alain Tremblay

Microsoft has long been a cornerstone in the private and public sectors—and with good reason. With the advent of the Office365 platform, tools such as Sharepoint, Power BI, and more have become the center point of modern organizations to store, manage and measure processes. However, despite its abundance of features, Microsoft can come at a high cost depending on the level of customization required to leverage Microsoft within your organization.

Many organizations rely on SharePoint as their document management platform of choice. However, SharePoint is not necessarily the best choice for document management due to the immense amount of configuration required for Sharepoint to meet functionality needs. Configuration means time, money, and people.

To expand on this point, document management platforms such as WorkDynamics enable users to connect seamlessly to SharePoint as their document repository of choice while allowing users to configure seamless, highly-robust workflows almost instantly.

What’s more, accountability and the ability to manage deadlines among your team are integral to the success of your organization. After all, missed deadlines cost you time and money, while a lack of accountability results in non-compliance. Therefore, keeping on top of deadline management and team accountability is critical.

WorkDynamics offers an excellent and seamless solution to these challenges mentioned above by allowing access to your organization’s crucial information while simultaneously improving your employees’ ability to collaborate in real time—ensuring that projects are on time and compliance criteria are met.

The collaboration functions in WorkDynamics make it possible to collect and organize all of your essential data in one place—including stakeholder communications, departmental communications, and communications from external parties. This data is collected and sorted in WorkDynamics’ form-driven solutions. Your users can create business intelligence portals and display this data on dashboards, web parts, and more—allowing you to leverage your entire Microsoft 365 bundle resulting in a robust data-driven ecosystem. Ultimately this ecosystem enables end users to make better decisions, track and trace consumer preferences or predict fluctuations in demand and supply.

Additionally, the ever-constant need for enhanced security in our current work-from-home culture has created many challenges for organizations around the globe. Companies must ensure that employees can securely access all documents and work information. As a result, WorkDynamics has placed a great deal of emphasis on improving security measures to prevent unauthorized access to business-critical documents.

Best of all—the flexibility that WorkDynamics offers with SharePoint is one of its best features. Users can be assigned different levels of permission based on their individual clearance level within the organization, as well as incredible software functions to improve document sharing, managing files, networking, and effectively improving any other day-to-day operational needs in your organization.

WorkDynamics is an excellent way to leverage SharePoint—by streamlining your organizational processes, reducing costs, improving collaboration, and ensuring deadlines and compliance criteria are met. Ultimately, the ability to provide end users the ability to create simple and effective workflows—quickly. WorkDynamics can help expedite the roll-out of Microsoft solutions, save hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization costs, and enable you to get the most out of your Microsoft ecosystem.

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