Creating Enhanced Workflow Management in the Microsoft Environment

For 30+ years, Microsoft solutions have been the defacto backbone of the corporate world, serving enterprise, government, and military alike. With the advent of the Office365 platform, tools such as Sharepoint, PowerBI, and more have become the center point of modern organizations to store, manage and measure processes. However, the proliferation of Microsoft includes the often expensive customizations to make the ecosystem work to defined requirements.

In this 60-minute webinar, attendees will be shown real-time alternatives to costly Microsoft customizations by leveraging WorkDynamics’ modern control layer within its ccmEnterprise platform to implement easily-defined configurations through its no-code platform.

More so, attendees will be shown ways to expedite the roll-out of Microsoft solutions, save hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization costs, and get the most out of their Microsoft ecosystem using the WorkDynamics platform.

Topics to include:

  • Sharepoint integration and enhanced workflow management.
  • How to leverage Power BI for more insightful KPIs and reporting.
  • Microsoft 365 integration to create, track and manage document workflows for regulatory and compliance standards.
  • How to assess, develop, operationalize and improve document management and correspondence workflows in real-time.
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