Reporting and enforcement: the crucial need for analytics and why it's seemingly so hard to achieve

Reporting and enforcement: the crucial need for analytics and why it's seemingly so hard to achieve

Part 1 of 2: Addressing common historical challenges

By Grant Bifolchi

We have all heard the adage, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” That saying speaks volumes when it comes to reporting and enforcing corporate or governmental policy initiatives. But what exactly does “measurement” mean?

Regardless of policy or compliance requirements, the most crucial step is creating a single source of truth. Unfortunately, that step is what stumps and challenges most organizations.

Initially, there is the system that measures. Organizations must first suffer through the landscape of business intelligence and analytics platforms to address system challenges—leading to the root of the problem, which is too many choices. More so, the complexity of creating advanced analytics and business intelligence can lead down never-ending rabbit holes of technology, overwhelming even the most advanced CIO. Elaborate potential solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more appear on day one.

Worse yet, companies like AWS are doubling down on complexity—waiting in the wings with solutions mixed with professional services, teams of consultants, long development and deployment cycles, and all paired with high costs. Sound familiar?

The second challenge is in precisely determining just what to measure. Unfortunately, the typical reaction is first to measure everything, which subsequently results in casting aside the analytics because of the overwhelming amount of information. Meanwhile, the need for analytics leads to consultants, high costs, custom builds, and too much frustration for something that should be much more easily attainable.

So, what’s the solution? Remove the complexity. To implement proper compliance, reporting and enforcement, start with a single document management platform. Seriously, why overcomplicate things with custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning when one sole platform can deliver all your desired analytics? This is one of the many reasons our customers love the WorkDynamics platform.

WorkDynamics enables seamless workflow creation, enhanced management and reporting, leading-edge security, and more—making compliance and enforcement easy. In addition, it delivers unparalleled data controls, including the ingestion and secure storage of information, all managed internally and externally.

With WorkDynamics, users can easily create highly defined, detailed automated reports for internal use as well as for consumption by regulatory agencies. Users can also audit workflows for continual improvement—ensuring compliance, with the added benefit of being able to adapt business processes to be more straightforward and intuitive. And they can maintain continual transparency, user accountability, scheduling, management and more, through a single pane of glass.

Meanwhile, the best part about embracing a platform like ours is that many of the world’s largest companies and governmental institutions have already established best practices.

Analytics and resulting business intelligence are crucial. The good news is that it’s no longer difficult to achieve—as long as the right platform is in place.

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