Stop spending millions on SharePoint customization!

Part 1 of 2: Addressing common historical challenges

By Alain Tremblay

Can organizations still benefit from the Microsoft ecosystem without incurring the exorbitantly high cost of customization? Yes, they can!

But how is that possible? It all comes down to configuration instead of customization. Let me explain.

Configuration is much faster and more cost-effective than customization since it is done through simple changes to the application’s settings or features. It’s accomplished by leveraging preconfigured options to tweak the platform to fit an organization’s requirements. In addition, it is done directly within the application. Configuration can be easily managed by the organization’s internal team, reducing the need for third-party developers.

Moreover, configuration is a non-destructive approach that does not alter the application’s core functionality—meaning that the organization can still benefit from the application’s latest updates and upgrades without worrying about the impact of customization on the application’s future compatibility.

Better yet, configuration—at least in our case—has no limitations. In fact, it can always meet an organization’s specific needs, even if it has unique workflows or business processes that would otherwise require significant customization. In such cases, our platform’s thousands of choices in preconfigured workflows eliminate antiquated customization that always comes at a higher cost.

On the other hand, customization is complex and challenging and does not adapt easily to required changes. In addition, it requires an outside solution and a third-party team of software developers to provide the necessary code––resulting in significant time and financial investment.

So how does this impact the Microsoft environment?

The WorkDynamics platform integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft tools—including Sharepoint—to offer purpose-built functionalities that meet the organization’s unique needs. For example, our low-code platform offers interfaces to create workflows and automation without needing custom code or specialized expertise.

This interoperability and connectivity layer provides all the required functionality at a MUCH lower cost. In addition, the platform offers pre-built templates and solutions that can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of any organization. It provides additional functionalities unavailable in the standard Microsoft tools, such as enhanced reporting, automation, and data analysis.

And while Microsoft tools such as SharePoint offer a wide range of features and capabilities, they typically come with a high cost of customization. However, organizations can still benefit from the Microsoft ecosystem by leveraging complementary platforms like WorkDynamics’ pre-built solutions and in-house expertise to meet their unique needs while significantly reducing costs.

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