Case Management

Case Management

Insightfully manage any type of case file—all from a single pane of glass.

The Future of case Management

Complexity Eliminated

Are you ready to eliminate the complexities of case management by adopting a new, better, fully digital solution environment? WorkDynamics is here to make your transition simple and successful. Managing the never-ending flow of cases being created within your environment is no longer a challenge. By adopting our robust case-file management functionality, your users can track, interact with and run detailed reports, as well as create statistical reports to assist in managing any type of case and subsequent caseloads.

Reduce Process Complexity

Easily connect human interactions with digital workflows to manage everything from incoming applications to claim submissions, complaints, and more.

Create Superior Workflows

Implement custom workflows or use our out-of-the-box solutions to intelligently manage collaboration, storage of images and content, decisioning, and processing of cases.

Manage Projects

Know who is working on what case file and when—including status, timelines, due dates, historical views and more—to continually meet and exceed expectations and KPIs.

Maintain Processing Accuracy

Use built-in feature functions to track and manage every step of a document’s journey—from acceptance, through customer response, and beyond.

Maintain Privacy

Maintain continuous privacy and associated compliance through monitoring, access rights, auditing capabilities and actionable insights.

Maintain Governance

Flexible system rules and access controls ensure data authorization and integrity. Our roles-based solution fosters diligence / process management, along with strict adherence to corporate policy.

Superior Collaboration

Intelligent Case Management

Our Solution’s comprehensive case management functionality enables your organization to more intelligently manage information collection—simplifying the way your users interact with people including clients, constituents, and the general public. Instantly have all your data in one place to better visualize overall status, create reports, and leverage information.

Better yet, seamlessly manage collaboration across disparate offices, dispersed teams, and hybrid work environments through a single, ubiquitous solution.

Smarter Process

Powerful Features for Intelligent Case Management

Maintain Continual Insight

Create custom functionality based on your unique requirements or use out-of-the-box notification functionality, ensuring continual maintenance of insights pertaining to deadlines, workflows, and more.

Maintain Accessibility

Ensure WCAG, AODA and 508 compliance for the visually impaired, built-in to the correspondence management solution.

Audited Report

With complete audit logging, every system action is recorded and time-stamped for end users and administrators.

Connect Environments

Provide controlled access to any user in any location, department, external organization, office and more through delivery of a correspondence management environment and seamless infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Benefit from a single, comprehensive and easily accessible correspondence management solution that seamlessly maintains disaster recovery planning and business continuity.


Streamline management, collaboration, tracking, and more by creating and maintaining organizational-standard workflows.

Real-World Examples

Common Case Management Applications

Case Study

Case Management In Action

When your one sole mission in the era of digital transformation is to deliver a “robust complaints process,” it’s unlikely that a legacy case management system will fit the bill for “robust.” That’s what brought the RCMP’s Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) to WorkDynamics.

With its ability to automate processes and scale to meet future business requirements, the WorkDynamics solution was a perfect replacement for the existing system. In addition to simplifying case file management from a single pane of glass, WorkDynamics enabled easy-to-use self-service capabilities and seamless integration with the agency’s corporate document repository.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Ultimately, WorkDynamics greatly simplified what used to be a very time-consuming and complex case management process for the CRCC team—including automatically determining from a large number of next-steps how each concern should be addressed.

With WorkDynamics, the CRCC team significantly shortened timeframes previously spent receiving, recording, responding to complaints and creating statistical reports—significantly improving public responsiveness. The new solution is also enabling the agency to eventually move towards a paperless and more environmentally sustainable way of serving the public.

Easy Migration Starts Here

Speak with a migration specialist to find out just how quickly we can have you up and running on your new WorkDynamics Correspondence Management Solution.