Compliance, Reporting & Enforcement

Compliance, Reporting & Enforcement

A single source of truth that delivers unparalleled data controls including ingest and secured storage—all managed both internally and externally.

The future of compliance

Enhanced Workflow

Whether it’s the struggle to adhere to industry regulations and standards, the strain of garnering actionable insight into the location, security, and management of data and subsequent communications, or the difficulty with the application of enforcement due to disparate data—there is a solution. WorkDynamics enables seamless workflow creation, enhanced management and reporting, leading-edge security and more—making compliance, reporting and even enforcement easy.

Compliance Reporting

Create highly defined, detailed automated reports for internal use or for regulatory agencies.

Audit Workflows

Continually improve workflows to ensure compliance, while making processes easier and more intuitive.

Control Access to Content

Easily assign rights and access to any level of user to continually ensure security and compliance.

Manage Any Document Type

Collect and manage any document type including email, fax, physical paper and more through any digital channel including PDFs, online forms, HTML pages, Word documents, and more.

BI & Analytics

Maintain continual visibility of document status including transparency, user accountability, scheduling, management and more through a single pane of glass.

Maintain Processing Accuracy

Track and manage every step of a document’s journey and the entirety of the workflow—from document acceptance through customer response and beyond.

Modernize your Environment

Expedite Your Path to Digital Transformation

The WorkDynamics solution enables organizations to fully and confidently embrace all aspects of digital transformation initiatives—completely eliminating the otherwise common barriers of entry. In fact, our proven solution enables the adoption of a fully digital, customer-centric approach to applications and architectures.

Best of all, users can implement new and exciting applications to address any type of internal or external workflow—better serving customers, communities and more.

Expedite Your Path to Digital Transformation .
Implementation Specialists

Benefit from the world's leading experts with advanced skillsets in everything from systems integrations and asset migrations to process implementation and more.

Exponentially Reduce Costs

Migrate to a fully digital, single-source-of-truth system of record knowing that all documents can be easily accessed, accounted for and without duplication—reducing costs, time and resources.

Evergreen Functionality

Experience the flexibility to adapt to changing and evolving business requirements with ease through the ever-evolving solution and ever-growing integrations.

Real-World Examples

Compliance, Reporting & Enforcement Applications

Case Study

Compliance, Reporting and Enforcement in Action

Managing the collection and tracking of multiple pieces of data from multiple sources can be chock-full of complexities—especially when dealing with issues of national importance across large geographical areas. As such, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) reached out to WorkDynamics for their solutions expertise in workflow automation and tracking.

DFO needed a solution that would enable them to receive more accurate and timely data about lost, abandoned and derelict fishing gear (“ghost gear”) found in Canadian waters. WorkDynamics offered a single self-service platform for receiving and tracking these reports—one that would deliver a seamless experience to the public as well as internally.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Commercial fish harvesters can report ghost gear via the WorkDynamics platform, ensuring DFO receives data in real time so they can more accurately and quickly locate and retrieve equipment, thereby minimizing pollution. This information is also being used to create reports for sharing with key and national stakeholders.

The WorkDynamics solution has already received resounding international acclaim from the Global Ghost Gear Initiative as an innovative model that other countries are now adopting.

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