Correspondence Management

Correspondence Management

Intelligently manage all correspondence within a single, powerful system.

SeAmless Workflow
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Are you ready to immediately solve the complexity of enterprise-level correspondence management by implementing leading-edge business processes for all users? We are here to help you make that happen. Managing a vast number of correspondence management processes doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or complex. The WorkDynamics Correspondence Management Solution immediately enables users to seamlessly implement any number of preconfigured processes, as well as an infinite number of custom processes, to streamline workflows and vastly accelerate daily workloads.

Connect Teams & Users

Easily connect all users in any geographic location or environment through a single centralized repository of documents and assets, to ensure seamless collaboration.

Manage Any Document Type

Collect and manage any document type including email, fax, physical paper and more through any digital channel including PDFs, online forms, HTML pages, Word documents, etc.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with any business system including CRMs, ERPs, document storage solution, and more.

Implementation Specialists

Benefit from the world's leading correspondence management professionals—experts with advanced skillsets in everything from systems integrations and asset migrations to process implementation and more.

Exponentially Reduce Costs

Migrate to a fully digital, single-source-of-truth system of record knowing that all documents can be easily accessed, accounted for and without duplication—reducing costs associated with storage, as well as time and resources.

Evergreen Functionality

Experience the flexibility to adapt to changing and evolving business requirements with ease through the ever-evolving solution and ever-growing integrations.

Full Lifecycle Management

Smarter Correspondence

Our solution’s comprehensive correspondence management functionality enables your organization to manage the entirety of the correspondence journey—from ingestion to assignment and analysis, through to end-user responses and more—all in a single, highly intelligent solution.

Received by email, physical mail, website forms, phone, or other document types, your users can successfully manage the complete lifecycle of all individual correspondence correspondence—plus benefit from in-depth business intelligence reports on all enquiries made to any department, along with action items, and more.

Smarter Process

Powerful Features for Intelligent Correspondence Management

Capture Physical Information

Easily ingest any paper-based correspondence by scanning and then using our revolutionary QR code functionality to apply instant business processes and workflows.

Capture Digital Information

Effortlessly ingest digital information through highly secure webforms—enabling captured records and attachments to be routed via predefined processes to the appropriate person or group based on inquiry type.

Manage Processes

Accurately route any and all correspondence to the most appropriate person or team within your organization for processing and applied workflows.

Search Digital Storage

Seamlessly and securely store all incoming and outgoing correspondence—all with your own industry-specific compliance standards and regulations applied.

Manage Information

Enable immediate visibility into everything from cost reduction to ROI, compliance, stakeholder interaction, and workflow and process efficiencies—including how to improve them.

Manage Communications

Flawlessly produce outgoing communications in any format—all with applied workflows, processes, storage, tracking and analytics.

Real-World Examples

Common Correspondence Management Applications

Case Study

Correspondence Management In Action

Like so many organizations, government departments are not immune to the plight of digital transformation and the need for enhanced Correspondence Management and subsequent workflows. This is why Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada approached WorkDynamics.

Seeking a far more modernized approach to Correspondence Management, CIRNAC needed a full replacement of its legacy system. WorkDynamics became their go-to choice—the solution that would ultimately deliver, enable and support executive correspondence management within a single modern platform. More so, WorkDynamics offered its renowned flexible configuration options, web-based interface, and easy interoperability with current and future document storage systems.

Results That Speak For Themselves

The WorkDynamics platform enabled the design and configuration of a fully-modernized correspondence and workflow tracking database to manage all required information—all with CIRNAC-specific requirements. As a result, the WorkDynamics platform has enabled CIRNAC to vastly improve productivity, enhance service quality and responsiveness to a demanding client base, provide greater client satisfaction, and make more efficient use of existing personnel and information.

Easy Migration Starts Here

Speak with a migration specialist to find out just how quickly we can have you up and running on your new WorkDynamics Correspondence Management Solution.