Workflow Automation & Tracking

Workflow Creation, Automation & Tracking

A fully configurable, no-code business process and workflow management solution.

The Future of workflow Automation
The Magic of No-Code

Are you frustrated with the complexity of business process and workflow creation? Perhaps the “low-code” promises of other solutions are not as “low” as you expected? There’s no need for low-code—not when you can experience the magic of no-code. The WorkDynamics Correspondence Management Solution is fully configurable, boasting a “No-Code” approach resulting in business process applications that can be created and deployed more quickly and reliably than any other existing correspondence management software. In fact, our solution guarantees that users of all types can:

Reduce Time

Vastly expedite processes and workloads through timely delivery of services—all with secure data integrity.

Enhance Capabilities

Expand capabilities by enabling the seamless deployment of processes that help manage both structured and unstructured transactions.

Manage in Real Time

Improve management and create new insights for all team members through real-time access to documents, information and decisions.

Enhance Collaboration

Easily manage collaboration across multiple offices, dispersed teams and hybrid environments through a single, ubiquitous solution.

Reverse Engineer

Easily create new robust and streamlined workflows through the solution's intuitive ability to reverse-engineer business processes.

Improve Processes

Benefit from the ability to modify and customize feature functionality, ensuring continuous process improvements at every turn.

Workflow management

Intelligent Creation & Tracking of Workflows

Our solution’s comprehensive workflow creation and tracking functionality enables your users to do away with disparate solutions—simplifying the way they collaborate, all while creating improved workforce efficiencies.

Best of all, workflows, processes and integrations can now become highly interoperable and compatible outside of single departments. This means internal and external users immediately benefit from faster, better interactions.

Smarter Process

Powerful Features
for Intelligent Workflows

Business Continuity

Seamlessly maintain business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution through a single, comprehensive, and easily accessible correspondence management solution.

Connect Environments

Deliver a seamless infrastructure and correspondence management environment—enabling controlled access to any user in any location, department, office, external organization, and more.

Maintain Insight

Use out-of-the-box notification functionality, or create custom functionality based on your unique requirements, to ensure continual insight of workflows and deadlines.

Un-Silo Workflows

Create and maintain organizational-standard workflows to streamline management, collaboration, tracking, and more.

Maintain Accessibility

Ensure access to the visually impaired through comprehensive WCAG, AODA and 508 compliance built into the correspondence management solution.

Audit & Report

Complete audit logging of every system action is recorded and time-stamped for end users and administrators to review at anytime.

Real-World Examples

The Most Common
Workflow Automation & Tracking Applications

Case Study

Workflow Automation & Tracking In Action

When so many of your federal counterparts are successfully using WorkDynamics to dramatically improve workflows and cross-divisional collaboration, what do you do? Follow suit, of course. That’s exactly what Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation group did.

The group partnered with WorkDynamics to create a flexible system that would enable tracking and managing of multiple business activities under one solution. From receiving general inquiries, to coordinating application for licenses, permits and aircraft registrations, to housing meeting agendas and minutes, WorkDynamics provided the foundation to integrate and streamline a broad collection of documents across disparate workflows. Plus, with its strong search and reporting functionality and ease-of-use for scaling, the WorkDynamics solution required little external assistance to run efficiently.

Results That Speak For Themselves

By combining the Civil Aviation group’s many business activities at their literal fingertips, WorkDynamics not only helped Transport Canada improve client service and satisfaction—but did so at a significantly lower price tag than competitor solutions.

As of mid-2021, Transport Canada has successfully implemented 27 unique applications of the WorkDynamics solution for tracking and managing purposes.

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